Sunday, November 23, 2014

Arts Integration

"Is It or Isn't It" PowerPoint 
Faculty Workshop 11-20-14

  • Research supporting arts integrated instruction
  • Explanation of difference between a true arts integration lesson and a "hitched-on" arts activity
Link to PowerPoint:

Script for PowerPoint
Includes explanation of each slide and activity in the workshop.

Link to the script:

Why Opossum Has a Bare Tale 
This is the American Indian folktale used in activity.

Link to story:

Sample Arts Integrated Lesson Plans

Teaching compare and contrast through sculpture (Grade 5: Source: Herberger Institute for Design & Arts):

Writing a personal narrative based on a Rodin sculpture (Grades 3 - 12; Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art):

Teaching math through comic books (Grades K-4; Source: Kennedy Center):

Lessons on scientific process and habits of mind using visual art (Grades 3-5; Source: Norton Museum of Art):

Lessons on Nature of Matter using sculpture (Grades 3-5; Source: Norton Museum of Art):

Social Studies
Teaching American history through sculpture (Grades 6-8; Source: National Endowment for the Humanities):

Teaching civil rights using music (Grades 9 -12; Source: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame):

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