Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Introducing AISB 2.0

Photo Credit: Unhindered by Talent via Compfight cc
Several secondary students and Mr. Kelsey are working on a strategic technology plan to move the school to a 1:1 computing model where each student has his/her own device.

The general steps of this project include: gathering members of the community to take part in the project, to a come up with a communication plan for AISB, followed by the creation of principles to guide us, then to gather the data needed to make effective decisions, to research the tools needed, and to create a project proposal, which once approved will come into use in the coming years.

The working group, called AISB 2.0, is composed of Kale K., Raphael M., Djelia T., Cheik K., Thierno I. , Gwenaelle P., Susanne M., Mell M., Karima H., Thiaby S. , Carla R., and  Mahmoud N. Following the break, they will reach out to members of the community including parents and teachers to get input. For more information on AISB’s new connectivity, learning and technology initiative or to volunteer please contact aisb2.0@aisbmali.org.

--by Susanne M.

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