Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Resources from #learning2: Digital Citizenship and Genius Hour

Learning2 was held in Addis Ababa this year.
Jeff and Aafke both came back with great things to share from Learning 2. Here they are:

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility: 

One of the most empowering elements of social and digital media is the opportunity to learn anything, anytime, anywhere. There are thousands of worthwhile sources out there; how to seek out, select, and streamline information sources is often ignored in schools. We educators frequently hear the need to make learning authentic and real to kids. There is nothing so consistently entrenched in students’ daily lives as their use of digital technology, and ignoring this fact leads to missed learning opportunities. We’ll never stop students’ immature online activity, but we can teach them how to be proactive and mindful in how they employ their devices, opening the door to more productive classroom technology application.

Here you find some videos, class activities, parents resources, posters and articles.

Genius hour: Making time for passion in the classroom

Every student has a passion project inside, waiting to emerge if invited to do so. These dreams lie just beneath the surface, built on experiences and stories, fears and achievement. They just need a spark to catch fire. It is the job of teachers and other adults to provide that spark. Genius Hour — a regular time in class during which students get to pursue their own passion projects — is a gift that opens students up to the world of their own talents and interests. It allows them to reach beyond the routine, unlearn the rules they’ve been programmed to follow and embrace the uncertainty of their own audacious dreams.

Here you find some videos, class activities, parents resources, posters and articles.

--by Aafke Z.

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