Thursday, December 4, 2014

Google Classroom

With the creation of a formal virtual school handbook, it's salient to discuss other tools that can help us manage a virtual classroom. One such tool is Google Classroom, which allows you to create an online course for your students:

As you can see, there's some functionality overlap with Focus/Moodle. Google's product team told me that they're not out to replace other systems, and that each has their niche. Think of Focus/Moodle as the better option to hold your static content and resources, and Google Classroom as a place to dynamically interact with and give feedback to your students through Google Drive:

To summarize, Google Classroom can help you:
  • Post announcements and assignments
  • Integrates with Google Drive easily
  • Stream facilitates sharing
You'd use it because:
  • Most of your assignments can be done in G Drive, or can be uploaded as a PDF or JPG
  • You want students to be able to contribute
  • You find Focus/Moodle too complicated

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