Wednesday, February 25, 2015

HippoBytes HB230: Using Blogs in the Classroom

A blog (a shortening of weB LOG) is essentially an online diary in which a person can digitally write their thoughts, opinions, ideas, rants, and so forth. The benefits of blogging with students are quite numerous. It is a great platform for teaching students to reflect and showcase their learning across grades and years. Blogging is also a good tool for teaching digital citizenship, to practice writing for an audience, and to get some extra typing practice.  In this session we learned how to help students create a responsible, reflective, professional and/or academic written online presence.

We used the following tools:
  • Computer or tablet
  • Google Apps account
  • Internet connection
  • A blogging platform: at AIS Bamako we use Blogger

Basic Principles

A blog post is basically made up of: a) a  title and b) the content area.

What Can I Do With A Blog Post?

In addition to writing text, you can insert images, audio, video and other documents into a blog post. These are covered in the session notes.

Useful Links

HB230 Session Notes; includes step-by-step instructions on how to get your students set up and started with blogging. Also includes a sample rubric for assessment of student blogs

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