Monday, February 2, 2015


It may have been awhile, but Carrie presented about, a great website where you can input all of your lesson plans. Planbook is $12 per year, or $22 for two years.

The link is here:

To insert a new class, you go to the "Go To" pull down menu on the upper right hand side and select "classes"

You can add a new class, change it's color, start time and end times from that menu.

You can also use the "Go To" menu to "Make a Template" which will make every lesson have a similar format. This is a great tool for adding objectives and assessments to each lesson.

Here is an example outline for a lesson

You can add homework or notes or standards to your lesson from this page as well using the tabs at the top. Unfortunately there are no AERO standards yet, but if your next school uses a state standard or common core they are available.

You can also use planbook's "bump" feature at the bottom if your lessons go longer or shorter than expected. You can bump a day, week, or any amount of time. You can select if you want to shift lessons or simply replace the lesson that would be on that day.

The last thing on planbook that is really useful is under the "more" tab at the top, you can print your lessons to a PDF and share them with whomever you like! It makes writing sub plans or keeping your teaching assistant in the loop a little bit easier.

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