Wednesday, April 1, 2015

HB120: Powerful Presentations

Before we tell our students to write essays, we teach them to write paragraphs. Before we tell them to play soccer, we teach them how to handle the ball. Before we tell them to do a science experiment, we teach them about safety and procedures. Yet so often we tell them to do presentations without actually teaching them about how to present. And knowing how to make a Powerpoint is not the same thing as knowing how to present. In this session, we learned about how to create and deliver powerful presentations.

You should follow four principles when creating and delivering presentations:

  • Have compelling ideas. Use "crunchy" (specific) facts, include at least one story, and most importantly include 2-3 main ideas that connect your talk and that you revisit throughout your presentation. Ask students to specifically state these main ideas once they've completed their research for the presentation.
  • Simple design is strong design. Your slides should not stand alone; rather, they should make sense when paired with the story you're telling.
  • Body language speaks volumes. By some estimates, your non-verbal communication delivers 93% of your message. Practice making eye contact and not fidgeting to portray an authoritative, collected presence.
  • Voice matters. Orating uses a different part of the brain from just reading a text, so even if you've memorized your talk it doesn't mean you can actually deliver it. Practice and make sure that your volume, pacing, and tone matches the message you're trying to deliver.
Useful Links download YouTube videos. DO NOT RELY ON STREAMING MEDIA. EVER. helps you create visuals helps you create graphic layouts create infographics and control the layout create infographics based on data; less control over layout

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